Andrex Washlets Refill Pack 42s

Andrex Washlets Refill Pack 42s



Product Description

Andrex Washlets Refill PackAndrex Washlets are lightly moistened toilet tissue with a cotton fresh fragrance that when used alongside your regular Andrex toilet paper helps you feel extra clean and fresh. They are skin pH neutral and dermatologically tested so are kind to skin to keep you and your family feeling confident, fresh, clean and healthy.Andrex Washlets are designed to be flushable and biodegradable. They are tested to industry standard to confirm that they won’t block sewage systems as they breakdown after flushing, although it is recommended that you flush a maximum of two wipes at a time and contact the manufacturer for guidance before use if you have a macerator toilet fitting or septic toilet.Andrex Washlets Refill Pack is designed to fit perfectly into the refillable tub.

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