Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator

Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator



Product Description

Airmax Sport Nasal DilatorAirmax Sport Nasal Dilator enhances exercise by optimising air flow through the nose.During exercise it is usually recommended to breathe through the nose. Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator works by widening the narrowest part of the nasal entrance to allow greater airflow, enabling the air to go deeper into the lungs and provide more oxygen, so you can run, ride and work out harder.Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator features two small arms on the inside that keep it firmly in place during your workoutAirmax Sport Nasal Dilator can also be used to help you breathe when you have a cold. Although many people think that a nose gets congested from too much thick mucus in most cases nasal congestion is caused when the tissues lining the nose become swollen due to inflamed blood vessels. Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator widens the nasal passages to help you breathe more easily.Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator is simple to use is made from a soft, medically certified plastic, making it comfortable to wear.Airmax Sport Nasal Dilator can be used for up to three months.

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