Oi Blokes! Your Local Chemist is Great For Girl Gifts

Men are unfortunately, in general, quite bad at buying gifts from their female counterparts; be it for your mother on Mother’s Day, your Gran on her birthday, your sister at her graduation or for your girlfriend this Christmas. There will often in these situations be a period of tumultuous head scratching, a number of dashes through a flower shop or a linger around the chocolate isle in the supermarket before settling on a trinket grabbed at the last minute from your local petrol station.

Stop right there! There is another…

Chemists are the perfect place to go for any and all your girly gift getting situations. They aren’t just full of feminine hygiene products and hair scrunches, but have a vast array of perfect gift ideas chosen by a multitude of marketing experts to make sure you can pretty much walk in with your eyes closed and come away with something she will like. Let’s see some examples:

Gift Sets

By far the easiest choice of gift, these pre-packed, pre-selected gift bombs deliver a cute collection of gifts in a handy wash bag or makeup purse packaging. All you need to do is pick the green one, the blue one or let’s face it, probably the pink one. In the pack will be stuff like a shower puff, some face cream and some hand cream: all things which she will love to death, as they are designed by girls for girls. Price guess would be around £10.


Perfume makes an excellent gift but can be very tough to get right and is often quite pricey – and you thought aftershave was expensive! The easy way to do it is to find out what she is using now and get the same. Or if you can wangle it, accidentally on purpose end up in the perfume section at some point and you might as if by magic hear what she likes.

Make Up

Make Up is by far and away the hardest gift to buy for a girl. There are many factors you need to know before you dive in wallet first. First of all, only buy quality make up from a respected manufacturer such as Elizabeth Arden cosmetics. If you get her the wrong shade of eye shadow or the wrong brand of lip gloss you may as well have bought her a sack of charcoal with which to do her make-up. What to do is, next time you have the bathroom to yourself, check out her make-up collection, girls can be as set in their ways as much some men sometimes, so if you take a note of her brand and the type of colours she likes you will be off to a good start and you will be pretty sure she will be happy with what you get. Good luck guys! Final tip, keep the receipt; she may well love shopping for a replacement as much as getting the right gift.